Your Exclusive Financial Partner

As a fully independent, partner-owned and operated financial services firm, our structure eliminates conflicts and distractions often encountered by advisors operating within large corporate or Wall Street firms. We answer directly to you, not a corporate parent or stockholders.

We believe that comprehensive financial planning is a life-long process that enables you to make well informed, thoughtful and confident financial decisions. That’s why we employ a holistic approach to planning, managing, preserving and strategically using the assets you accumulate to improve and maintain the lifestyle you desire.

Our commitment is to be sensitive and responsive to your individual needs while ensuring you gain confidence, understanding, and control over your financial life. Our proactive approach to managing risk and seeking out suitable opportunities sets the tone for a relationship built on trust.

With Urda Wealth Management you can expect:

  • Your wealth to be managed effectively
  • Your risk exposure to be aligned with your unique objectives and timeframe
  • Your investment strategies developed to reflect your individual needs