Determining the Right Path for You

Setting goals and getting organized is a difficult first step on the path to financial success. Taking action can be even harder. With a dedicated financial partner like Urda Wealth Management focused on managing your wealth exclusively, we make it easier to work toward your goals.

From wealth building to estate management and capital preservation, we’re confident we can help you overcome any obstacle on your path to financial success, providing you with more time to focus on the other priorities in your life.

Embarking on Your Journey


In the discovery phase of our comprehensive planning process, we help you identify key goals and objectives on your path to success. We work with you to complete an investor profile that documents near and long-term goals, current income needs, risk tolerance and other factors that will help define your unique path.

Exploring Possibilities

Data Gathering and Analysis

We gather and analyze your financial statements and evaluate current strategies to determine if they align with your goals and objectives. Using our sophisticated WealthVision™ tool, we identify financial challenges, potential opportunities, and various recommendations so you can visualize potential outcomes and make more confident decisions.

Choosing Your Path


We ensure the proper allocation of your assets and investments in financial products that are well-suited to your risk tolerance and needs. Using insights from our experienced advisors and unbiased third-party research, we develop a personalized financial analysis and recommendations based on strategic asset allocation and diversification, and strategic tax and risk management.

Staying the Course

Ongoing Monitoring

As experienced financial advisors, we understand that life seldom follows a straight path toward your goals. Financial markets and the economy are in constant flux, and your personal, professional and family circumstances can change over time. We conduct regular periodic reviews to measure progress and make revisions when necessary.